Global Legal Insights – Litigation & Dispute Resolution 5th Edition - Cyprus


The Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2016 covers key topics including efficiency and integrity, injunctions,cross-border issues,disclosures and privilege costs and funding ,settlement and mediation, and arbitration and expert determination in 29 Jurisdictions


Legal Guide to dispute resolution in Cyprus


In Cyprus, there are two types of courts, the Supreme Court and the subordinate courts.
The Supreme Court consists of a president, who is primus inter pares without any second or casting vote, and 12 members. The jurisdictions that are exercised by the Supreme Court are original and appellate civil and criminal. It has authority as the Supreme Constitutional Court ...


International Arbitration


Under Cyprus Law a creditor may mortgage or charge any immovable property and pledge, lien or impose a floating charge on any moveable property. The difference between the legal mortgage
and the fixed charge is that the property under mortgage is being transferred into the creditor's ownership with a right of redemption in case the loan or any other obligation will be settled, and then the
property will be ...