Alternative Investment Funds 2016


A practical guide into the Alternative Investment Funds published by Global Legal Group in 2016.The Cyprus chapter was contibuted by  Christina Sofocleous and Antigoni Hadjiyianni.

The Q & A Guide includes questions and answers on topics such as :

  •    Regulatory
  •    Fund Structures
  •    Taxation
  •    Disclosure of Information


Recent Amendments to the Cyprus Tax System


A number of significant amending bills to the tax laws of the Cypriot Tax System have been voted by the house of Representatives on July 2015 which we published in the official gazette on July 16 2015



Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)


The Alternative Investment Funds Law 2014, has enabled Cyprus to develop the fund industry and align it to the European directive of Alternative Investments Funds (“AIF”), thus strengthening the fund regime in Cyprus by creating an attractive, competitive, trustworthy and prestigious industry for the creation of investment activities...


Cyprus International Trusts


Following the reform of the Cyprus International Trust Law that took place in 2012, Cyprus has become one of the most attractive and competitive jurisdictions for the creation of trusts, providing asset protection and the possibility for the creation of wealth-holding structures meeting the needs of individuals worldwide.



Establishing a business in Cyprus


This Q&A gives an overview of the key issues in establishing a business in Cyprus, including an introduction to the legal system; the available business vehicles and their applicable formalities; corporate governance structures and requirements; foreign investment incentives and restrictions; currency regulations; and tax and employment issues


Cyprus Corporate Recovery and Insolvency law 2013


A  Q & A guide to Corporate Recovery and Insolvency includes questions and answers on topics such as:

  • Issues Arising When a Company is in Financial Difficulties
  • Claims
  • Formal Procedures
  • Ending the Formal Procedure
  • Restructuring
  • Continuing the BusinessInternational 


Cyprus Mergers and Acquisitions


Relevant Authorities and Legislation
1.1 What regulates M&A?
The following legislation regulates M&As in the Republic of Cyprus:
  • Public Offer Law 2007 (Law 41(I)/2007).
  • Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange Law 1995 as amended.
  • Cyprus Securities and Stock Exchange (Public Offer for the
  • Acquisition of Securities and Merger of Companies Listed on
  • the Stock Exchange) Regulations of 1997 (the “Regulations”).
  • Companies Law Cap 113 sections 198-201.
  • Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation (Market Abuse)
  • Law 2005 (116(I)/2005) (“Market Abuse Law”).


Corporate recovery & Insolvency law in Cyprus


Issues Arising When a Company is in Financial Difficulties

1.1 How does a creditor take security over assets in Cyprus?

Under Cyprus Law a creditor may mortgage or charge any immovable property and pledge, lien or impose a floating charge on any moveable property. ...



Corporate Governance Law in Cyprus


Corporate governance involves the processes, people, and activities in place to ensure the smooth running of a company and in particular when looking at public listed companies. The process involves the management and internal control of the company with the aim of protecting shareholders/icreditors of companies listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange ...