Formation of Offshore Companies

Andreas M Sofocleous & Co LLC has long been established as the market leader in Cyprus, specializing in company law since 1995 and with considerable experience of advising clients on the selection of the best offshore or onshore company jurisdiction for their international business.

Using that experience and our international network of associates, we are able to guide our clients through the maze of the offshore corporate market and assist them in choosing the jurisdiction which suits them best. Through that network we are able to offer assistance in all aspects of incorporating and starting a business in over 20 jurisdictions including Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Nevis,Panama the Marshall Islands and England, to name but a few.

British Virgin Island

A BVI IBC is typically used by clients wishing to operate internationally from a secure, tax-exempt and confidential location.

The key features of a BVI offshore company are: Privacy and confidentiality; No minimum capital requirement; it does not need to file audited accounts; No taxation on foreign-earned income;

 For more information please download our Guide to BVI Company Formation

State of Delaware

The reason why so many people choose Delaware for their new corporation or Limited Liability Company is to protect their personal assets. Delaware has passed incorporation, limited liability company and tax laws that are favourable to all types of businesses.

 For more information please download our Guide to Delaware Company Formation


A Belize offshore company is an ideal tax planning vehicle which can be used for a wide range of commercial activities including trading, share ownership in other companies, financial management, investment holding, leasing of other assets, real property ownership, ownership of a ship or yacht, provision of professional or other services, asset protection and confidentiality, transfer pricing, ownership of intellectual property and invoicing.

 For more information please download our Guide to Belize Company Formation

Marshall Islands

For companies not requiring a high profile, a Marshall Islands company provides a very cost-effective, flexible alternative. This type of company can be used as a holding company or an investment company, but is not particularly recommended for high profile trading companies seeking new clients due to the lack of public registers.

 For more information please download our Guide to Marshall Island Company formation

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