Company Management and Secretarial Services

We can provide a full range of auxiliary services that are essential to the smooth functioning and running of the company.

Domiciliation Services

  • Providing domicile and registered office
  • Providing a Corporate Director
  • Keeping the corporate records

Legal, Secretarial and General Services

  • Handling of Company's correspondence;
  • Preparation of the corporate income tax return;
  • Arranging for the filing of the corporate tax returns;
  • Handling of other tax matters e.g. VAT, PAYE;
  • Keeping the registration with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce up to date;
  • Assisting with preparation of resolutions and contracts;
  • Holding of and/or attending shareholder's and Board Meetings;
  • Providing minutes of the above mentioned meetings;
  • Providing a broad range of secretarial services.

Administrative Services

  • Handling the cash management and bank transfers;
  • Preparation of periodic bank movement reports;
  • Handling of invoicing;
  • Providing for bookkeeping of the Company;
  • Preparation of the interim accounts and the annual accounts, including the consolidated accounts when required;
  • Arranging of and assisting with the audit of the financial statements of the Company;
  • Salary administration when required.