Banking and Finance

The banking and finance lawyers in Andreas M Sofocleous & Co LLC are experienced in a broad range of banking law and corporate finance matters, and they apply their understanding of banking law to assist their clients in achieving timely and cost-effective solutions.

We assist our clients in a tremendous variety of domestic, international, corporate and commercial transactions ranging from those involving relatively small amounts of money to large and very complex financial dealings.

Our firm offers a full range of banking and financial law services, including:

  • Loan and security documentation;
  • Project and corporate finance
  • The financing of international trade (including letters of credit, negotiable instruments and related banking matters);
  • Construction financing;
  • Finance leasing;
  • Indemnities and guarantees;
  • The establishment and operation of offshore banks, offshore administrative banking units and representative offices of foreign banking institutions.
  • The establishment and operation of offshore financial services companies;
  • Offshore public closed-end investment companies and open-ended investment vehicles;
  • Funds, securities and derivatives.

For More Information Contact : Menelaos Sazos and Anna Korelidou